Commissioned Books for Children

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Hurricane Evacuation

I was commissioned to write this story about an emergency weather situation to connect with a nonfiction book about hurricanes. It is part of the Explore the World series, Connections Set 5 (level S26-T27).

Pioneer Valley Books, 2019.

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Celebrate Canada: Student Editions (2018): Visiting Ottawa, Welcome to Ha Ha Bay, and Yum!  

I was commissioned to write these three full-color 16-page non-fiction books.  (No cover photo of Ottawa available yet.) 

Pearson Canada, 2018

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Suffrage: Canadian Women and the Vote

I was commissioned to write the text for this ten-chapter digital graphic novel (illus by Meags  Fitzgerald) for secondary school students. It examines the history of suffrage in Canada and links to secondary school curriculum content. I also wrote the lessons plans that accompany the digital resource project. 

Teach Magazine, 2017 -


Our Generation storybooks (to accompany Battat products)

I’ve written many 98-page (9000+word) stories and provided visual manuscripts to accompany the popular Our Generation dolls, including The Incredible Ice Cream Project, Party Plans Go Pop!, A Summer of Riding, A Love of Bowling, The Foodie Friends Project, Finding a Home, and more.

Battat, 2016-2019

Honeysuckle Sweets and Treats image.jpg

L'il Woodzeez storybooks (to accompany Battat products) 

I have written many fun little commissioned 24-page stories to accompany the delightful L'il Woodzeez toys, including The Cottage Crew Saves the Day, Round-the-Pond Boat Tours, Happy Camper Adventure, L'il Luvs and Hugs Nursery, and Honeysuckle Sweets and Treats, and many more.

Battat, 2016-2019

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Red Rocket Readers

I have written three commissioned stories for Flying Start Books, New Zealand, including Mountain Adventures (two levels), Runaway, and Pass the Salt.

Flying Start Books, 2013-2014

BUSES, CARS, AND TRUCKS Hughes Scholastic (literacy) 002.jpg

Literacy Place (K-3) , and Moving Up with Literacy Place (4-6) Scholastic Education

Wrote many little books for K to grade 6 children, including fiction and nonfiction, including: The Ten Best Things about Canada (According to Me); Discover Mongolia; Buses, Cars, and Trucks; True or False? Finding Out about Newfoundland Dogs; Masks; Smart Spy Catalogue, and more.  

CALLIE'S SCRAPBOOK Hughes Nelson (math) 001.jpg

Inforead, Nelson Canada

I was commissioned to write several 24-page stories which incorporated grade 2-3 math, social studies, and science curriculum content, including Callie’s Scrapbook; Composting-Worms Tell All; When Beep-Beep Came to Earth: Soil-It Takes All Kinds; Hello, Neighbour!; Ruffles Needs Help; The Uncertain Princess, and more.

Nelson, 2002-2005